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Coderoofs is a group of a young and enthusiastic team of software engineers working with cutting edge technology to accomplish milestones while keeping up with the quality of work.

At Coderoofs, We’re looking for people who are like us — who don’t want to stand still, who are extremely ambitious, who love adding new features not only to their code, but also to their skillset. We’re an open,friendly team that helps clients from all over the world to transform their businesses and create astonishing products.

Work-Life Balance

Maintain Work-Life balance with 5 days a week.

Employee First

Our Employees are Our Asset.

Optimistic Environment

It’s brilliant and lively as it gets to work & learn.

Innovative projects

Great Opportunity for your career.

Transparent Communication

Open to discussions in an easy-going atmosphere.

Rewards & Recognitions

You hard-work is always valued and rewarded.

Learning Sessions

Enhance your skills with our learning sessions & seminars.

Fun at Work

Team-Outing, Friday Fun, & Festival Celebrations.


" At Coderoofs we create the work environment that encourages the employees to pour in their ability and produce imaginative IT solutions for our clients. Transparency, creativity, hard work and solid team rapport are true reflections of us. We believe in bringing simplicity to the complex by staying on the forefront of tech. "

- Ashish Mittal, Founder


What to expect after applying for a position


You can apply for open positions here - We’ll get back to you within a week.

Initial Task

We give you a recruitment task. Just to see how you solve problems.


To check your technical background, soft skills & talk about your experience and expectations. It will be an online interview.

Live Task

To check your technical knowledge and see whether you would be the right fit.


Congrats! Here’s your first day already planned out. Let’s Begin.


I just have an idea for the project, can you help me take it forward?

Don’t Worry, We are here to help you. Starting with a detailed analysis of your idea of transforming it into a product.

My project will need continuous enhancement and changes?

We have customized partnership models, so be it development, enhancement or Maintainance. You’re covered.

How does your team select the ideal technology for my project?

Based on the requirement of your web app, like what functionalities are needed and what suits your business model the best. Do you already know what you want? Even Better!

How do you manage the code?

Using Github/Bitbucket.

What project management tools do you use?

We use tools like Slack, Jira, Zeplin, and Invision which are used as standard across the industry.

Have a Project in mind ?